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ArchiCAD 12 Install Problems

ArchiCAD 12 Install and Startup Problems

by GregKmethy, updated 2012-11-21 • ArchiCAD 12

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Director Player Error: “Script Error. Continue?” #1

This message may appear when you start installing ArchiCAD 12. The multimedia front-end may be displayed in foreign language.


Solution: The downloaded installer package is probably damaged. Try to download the installer again.

Director Player Error: “Script Error. Continue?” #2

This message may appear when you try playing a video in the "Gallery' section of the ArchiCAD 12 installer front-end.

Solution: Check if the audio device driver is installed correctly. Some old computers may not have an sound card at all. Such machines can't play the example videos.

"The trial file is invalid on this machine."

The exact error message reads : "The trial file is invalid on this machine. (Or some machine components were changed since installation). Please reinstall ArchiCAD." This error message may appear when running ArchiCAD TRIAL version the first time after installation.

Solution: You either have your network disabled when starting ArchiCAD, or the network was disabled during ArchiCAD installation. The network has to be enabled both during installation and running ArchiCAD. In the system tray, right-click the network icon, and choose "enable network".

Installer freezes while installing “VCREdist” component

VCRedist is a Microsoft re-distributable package that installs Visual C++ libraries required to run ArchiCAD. Intsalling these files can take up to one minute on some computers. If installer is completeley frozen in this step, try quitting the "vcredist" process from Task Manager. ArchiCAD installer will then finish installation. Try if ArchiCAD works - I you have Visual C++ libraries installed already by another application, ArchiCAD may not require installing C++ components again. If ArchiCAD fails to launch, try starting vcredist_x64.exe (on 64-bit machine) or vcredist_x86.exe (on 32-bit system) manually. You find these files in the ArchiCAD main folder, in the VCRedist subfolder.

"This program might not have installed correctly"

Vista Compatibility Assistant might display this warning under certain circumstances. Ignore this warning, and do not restart the ArchiCAD installer!


Installer wizard displays empty screen

In very rare cases the Instal Wizard displays an empty frame when license agreement or the install options should be displayed.


Solution: This problem is probably caused by a DVD drive hardware problem. Contact a hardware technician to check the drive.

Microsoft Internet Explorer error when opening 'Read me' file

If ArchiCAD web installer package is extracted to a temporary folder which has national characters in its (full) path, then the Read Me file will not open, instead an Internet Explorer error message will be displayed.

Solution: Copy the installer file into a folder whose full path does not contain any national characters.

AC12 installation on pc stops within the first minute.

Solution: Uninstalling all JAVA applications might the AC12 installation work perfect. New JAVA will installed automatically.


ArchiCAD installer hangs when installing WIBU components

If you install ArchiCAD (any version) on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6 on a PowerPC Mac, the installer will hang while installing WIBU driver components. This bug was introduced with the 10.5.6 system update.

Solution: Install the WIBU driver prior to Installing ArchiCAD. You can do this by selecting the 'System components' option in the ArchiCAD Installer welcome screen after inserting the ArchiCAD 12 DVD.

"ArchiCAD 12 can not be installed on this platform"

This message appears when the installer version does not match the platform - e.g. an IntelMAC installer is started on a Mac PPC machine.

Solution: If this happens when starting installer from the DVD, then browse the DVD for folder "ArchiCAD 12 (Intel Mac)" or "ArchiCAD 12 (PPC Mac)" respectively, and start application "ArchiCAD Installer" manually. If this file is not found on the DVD, ask for a replacement.

If this happens when starting installer from the web download package, you have probably downloaded the wrong package. Make sure you download the appropriate installer.

Folder's permission issue on Leopard


In case of the ArchiCAD folder contains an added item ( for example you added an item with a different administrator into the ArchiCAD folder ) and after starting the hotfix you will see the error message above it's mean the installation was stopped due permission issue.

The following steps should be done:


  • 1 as you can see in the AC12/Add-On folder an untitled image was added (if you chhose get info you can see that the permission is different from Read&Write

  • 2 select the main ArchiCAD folder

  • 3 get info

  • 4 choose Sharing & Permissions and change the permission to Read&Write


The installation process can be done by now.

Platform independent

For licensing troubleshooting see:

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