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The "Automatic Home Story" Feature Will be Refined to suit Customary Workflows in Hotfix2

by KatalinBorszeki, updated 2013-08-09 • RefID: 159747 • ArchiCAD17


  • In ArchiCAD17 when elements are moved in section, elevation or 3d, this manoeuvre is aided with the default "Automatic Home Story Assignment" feature.

  • However handy in most of the cases, it has surprised and created unexpected results for some of our users, especially when the transform operation was minor, yet the object disappeared from the story it was intended to reside on.

The following two images illustrate a horizontal move, where the object was reassigned to the basement story while its bottom momentarily strayed to that story.

  • home story unintended

    home story unintended


  • The decision was to offer the familiar fixed home story option in the tracker (as in V16 and before). The tracker stores the selected mode of operation, thus the fixed home story mode will remain the default until changed to By Elevation by the user.

  • Compared to the V16 interface, the only change is that there is no lock in front of the home story. The setting is shown by the text: By Elevation.

    by elevation


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