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The GRAPHISOFT BIMx is a professional BIM project viewer featuring BIMx Hyper-model, a unique technology for integrated 2D & 3D building project navigation.
BIMx Hyper-models offer extremely smooth handling and outstanding performance even for projects with complex/large 3D building models and excessive 2D documentation.

What's new in BIMx and BIMx Docs

On 15th October 2013 the new BIMx Docs App has been released for iOS parallel to an update for the existing BIMx App. BIMx Docs provides instant access to the new Hyper-model functionality. With BIMx the same functionality can be accessed with in-app purchases for Hyper-model projects.

New in the latest release, version 3.0.4535

The new BIMx Docs release and BIMx update bring many new features for models created with ArchiCAD 17:

  • BIMx Hyper-model with 2D documentation
  • Hyperlinked 2D & 3D, intelligent markers

  • Smooth 2D-3D transition
  • Real-time 3D cutaway in horizontal and vertical direction
  • Trace 2D drawings on 3D view
  • Bookmark important views
  • Improved navigation controls
  • Seamless download in the background
  • Partial layout update

BIMx Features

BIMx Hyper-model

BIMx hyper-models are models published in the new BIMx model format containing the full scope of the BIM project including any number of 3D models as well as the full documentation defined by the layout book. The 2D layouts are intelligently hyperlinked to the 3D model based on the ArchiCAD markers.


{i} Please note that Hyper-models can only be opened on iOS devices.

Real-time 3D Cutaway function, now with vertical plane too

With the 3D Cutaway function, you can dynamically cut the BIMx model with a horizontal or vertical cutting plane. The cut surfaces are highlighted with an orange color and the cutting plane can be moved along in the vertical/horizontal direction. This way, you can get a floor plan-like overview of the entire model and locate internal model parts that are hard to find with the explore method. So the 3D Cutaway provides an easy-to-understand view also for non-professional viewers.


Trace 2D drawings on 3D

2D drawings can be traced over the 3D model helping to understand the BIM project better.


Increased performance

Shorter model loading time
BIMx models can be loaded faster as in the previous BIMx versions.

Significantly better user experience
As a result of an increased FPS (frame per second) rate, model navigation is two to three times faster on average.

Less memory usage
BIMx uses slightly less memory, which means that a bigger model can be opened.

Give feedback with an ease
To give us feedback, the easiest and best way is now to use the built in message sender tool. The feedback button is available from the upper right corner of the BIMx model list.


BIMx provides 3D environment to explore full BIM models with game-like navigation on mobile devices or on desktop computers.

BIMx on Mobile Platforms

iOS iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

The latest versions of BIMx and BIMx Docs are available from the App Store. The links in the Download paragraph can help to find them.


The compatible version of BIMx is available as a free download at the Play Store and at the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire (2nd generation and HD) devices.

BIMx Desktop/ Laptop Viewer

The GRAPHISOFT BIM Explorer (BIMx) package is included in ArchiCAD 17 for free. The BIMx Desktop Viewer can be downloaded separately from our website.


Before downloading BIMx, please read the System Requirements and the recommended video cards for BIMx.
See also: About BIMx license types

BIMx Docs for Mobile Platforms

BIMx for Mobile Platforms


BIMx Desktop/ Laptop Viewer




Create an interactive, 3D presentation package at any stage of your ArchiCAD project, check out the tips to export ArchiCAD Models for BIMx.


BIMx Shortcuts

The integrated BIMx community on Facebook is the central hub for sharing interactive 3D building models. With the premium service activated, new "cloud-service" is offered to share BIMx models.


In this article you can find a collection about the discovered known issues with BIMx: BIMx/KnownIssues

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