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BIMx Hyper-model Workflow

by TamasEros, CsabaKezer, updated 2013-10-15 • ArchiCAD17

{i} Please note that the previous, 3D only workflow still exists.

Prepare the Model in ArchiCAD

Before saving your ArchiCAD model to the BIMx format, you can make some adjustments to ensure the best experience for those who will view it in a mobile device.

Basic Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do place furniture, a few pictures, and simple textures into and onto the building, so that when your client takes a BIMx tour, he/she will get a feel for the building's atmosphere.
  • Do create a 3D view contains only those parts of the model you want to navigate (e.g. using Marquee or Layer combos).
  • Don't use highly detailed objects or large-sized texture images, as these can quickly exhaust the memory limits of the BIMx viewer device.

Each mobile device (e.g. iPad) has particular memory and performance limitations. Thus, it may be necessary to simplify the model in ArchiCAD before exporting it to BIMx.

For more information

If you run into performance difficulties while viewing the BIMx model on mobile device, we collected some tips and tricks that help optimizing the ArchiCAD Model for BIMx.

Publish BIMx Hyper-Model

To create a Hyper-model, you must set up a Publisher Set in ArchiCAD, which will be saved as a BIMx Hyper-model file, and/or uploaded to the Cloud, straight from ArchiCAD’s Publisher. The resulting BIMx file can then be downloaded by anyone who wishes to view the model documentation on a mobile device.
There are two ways to do this: either use the Publisher (this gives you more options) or launch a wizard from ArchiCAD’s File menu: this is simpler, but gives you fewer options. Please note, that this is only available in ArchiCAD 17 with the Standard Work Environment Profile by default.
{i} Both the BIMx 3D Model (saved from the ArchiCAD file) and the Hyper-model (created from a Publisher Set) use the .bimx format. Please note, that the Hyper-model file can only be opened on mobile devices.

Use the Publisher to Create a BIMx Hyper-Model

With this method, use ArchiCAD’s Publisher to set up a Publisher Set and fine-tune options for the resulting Hyper-model. If you use the Publisher-Organizer to create a Hyper-model, you can:

  • Set Global Illumination rendering for the 3D view
  • Add cameras to the Hyper-model, not just 3D views and Layouts
  • Fine-tune the hierarchy of the file structure, using the Publisher’s Organizer mode
  • Choose specific items from the Publisher Set to be published as the Hyper-model

To publish a Hyper-model using the Publisher follow these steps:

1. Create Publisher Set
Use the Organizer mode of the Publisher to create the desired Publisher Set: assemble the combination of Layouts and the 3D view you wish to include in the Hyper-model. Generate Global Illumination for 3D View Optionally, you can choose Global Illumination rendering for your 3D view in the BIMx Hyper- model. To do this, select the 3D view from the list of Publisher Set items in the Publisher. Click Options to access the BIMx Export Options dialog box, with the option to generate Global Illumination.
{i} Note that Global Illumination increases rendering time and consumes additional memory, so the chance of failure also increases with the size of the model.

2. Set Publishing Properties
In the Publishing Properties dialog box, choose how you would like to publish the Hyper-model: either Upload BIMx Hyper-Model or Save it.

3. Publish
In the Publisher, select your Publisher Set and click Publish. The Publisher process dialog box will appear. If you are uploading the BIMx Hyper-model to the Cloud, the BIMx Uploader will also appear to track the status of the upload.

Use the BIMx Hyper-Model Wizard

This method is launched through the File > Publish BIMx Hyper-Model command. This takes you through a wizard, which helps you configure a Hyper-model Publisher Set in a few easy steps. It also includes a built-in option to help you optimize model size for better viewing performance on mobile devices. Using the wizard to create a Hyper-model has the following limitations:

  • Global Illumination rendering is not available
  • Camera paths or other views cannot be included
  • The Hyper-model created with the wizard can include only the 3D view, plus all Layouts, no Layouts, or one selected Layout Subset. Within the wizard, you cannot pick and choose among individual layouts. (You can, of course, edit the Publisher Set content later, using the Publisher’s Organizer mode).

You can also use this method to re-publish an existing Hyper-model Publisher Set, with one click. To use the wizard follow these steps:

  1. Use the File > Publish BIMx Hyper-model command.

  2. In the upcoming dialog box, choose Create new publishing set.
  3. Choose a publishing method: Upload to Cloud or Save file.

  4. Optionally, rename the Hyper-model file.
  5. Filter the model’s 3D content as needed.
  6. Choose the Layout content to include in the BIMx Hyper-model.
  7. On the final screen, set the options depending on the publishing method you choose (either Upload or Save).
  8. Publish. The Publisher process dialog box will appear. If you are uploading the BIMx Hyper-model to the Cloud, the BIMx Uploader will also appear to track the status of the upload.

Upload BIMx Hyper-Model

You can upload your BIMx Hyper-Model to the Cloud to the BIMx Transfer Site directly from ArchiCAD, when publishing the model. Select this option in the Publishing Properties dialog. Choose whether to upload to the Public Domain, or to a Private Folder (if you have a premium account). If you choose Private Folder, you can optionally password-protect the file. Optionally, rename the Hyper-model file. The Hyper-model will include the ArchiCAD Project Info and Project Preview data. Optionally, check Save local copy and enter a destination file path. This will save a local copy of the Hyper-model in addition to uploading it to the Cloud.

Save BIMx Hyper-Model

When setting up the Hyper-Model Publisher Set, you can select to save the Hyper-Model on the Publisher Set Properties dialog. Save will save the Hyper-model to the selected destination path. You must choose the Create single file option to be able to access the BIMx Hyper-model format. Enter a destination file path. Choose BIMx Hyper-model as the file format.

BIMx Transfer Site

To share your project to the BIMx Community or with your clients, you have two options, depending on your ArchiCAD and BIMx license type.

Public Domain

Publicly shared files are visible for everyone on https://bimx.graphisoft.com without signing in. These files can be downloaded by anyone as well.

Private Folder (with Premium account)

The BIMx Model Transfer Service is a “cloud-service” offered to BIMx users with active Software Services Agreement. Users are entitled to 5 GB free cloud storage space after each commercial BIMx license they own. For more security, you can also protect your files with passwords.


To activate this service BIMx users need to follow the steps explained in this video:

{i} Steps for BIMx site and Company account registration for the 3D only workflow can be found here.

Open BIMx File on the iPhone/iPad

For details see: BIMx/iOStransfer

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