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~- ''by MartonKiss, updated 2012-06-21 • Mac OS X only '' -~

How to use Apple's Magic Trackpad in ArchiCAD

by MartonKiss, updated 2012-06-21 • Mac OS X only

Pan and orbit

Many users would like to use Apple's Magic Trackpad in ArchiCAD but most of them miss the pan/orbit feature. Generally - using regular mice - these functions are controlled by the middle button of the mouse.

Fortunately there are 3rd party tools that can enable the middle click feature for trackpads - including Magic Trackpad.

MagicPrefs is one of these, you can set the two finger click as the middle button and from that point you can pan and zoom. Here is a screenshot showing the required setting:


To download MagicPrefs visit MagicPref's website.

Secondary - right click

You can enable the secondary click function is System Preferences, Trackpad, Point & Click. You can choose from three options as on the picture.


Zoom/scroll direction

On Mac from OS X Lion the way of scroll is reversed to follow the evolution of the touch based interfaces. As a result in ArchiCAD the zoom also works that way. You can choose between the old and the new way in System Preferences, Trackpad, Scroll & Zoom


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