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How to import objects from Google 3D Warehouse

by JuditBoros, updated 2012-03-05

See also: Google Earth Connections Add-On

With the following steps you can easily import a Google Warehouse object in ArchiCAD.

Note: In the 64-bit version of Google Earth Connection, the integrated Warehouse browser is not available. On this platform, you should manually download the selected object in an external browser in SKP file format, then import it to ArchiCAD 15.

Download Google Earth Connections Add-On

  • Open ArchiCAD and go to Help menu/ ArchiCAD [version number] Downloads

    • Note: Please close ArchiCAD.

  • Download Google Earth Connection package for your ArchiCAD version (ArchiCAD Downloads » 3rd Parties on Graphisoft site).

  • Choose the Language Version you wish to download

  • Save the .exe file to a chosen location

  • Run the .exe file

This installation will automatically create a folder calls Google Earth Connection into your ArchiCAD Add-Ons folder.


  • Now you can open ArchiCAD.

Import Google Warehouse Object

With a few easy steps you can import a 3D model into your ArchiCAD project like:

  • Activate the Floor Plan window.

  • Select File menu / Google Earth Connections / Import 3D models from Warehouse command

  • The Google 3D Warehouse browser appears.

  • Search in the field to download models into your project file.

    Note: Objects containing location information can be identified by the map displayed next to the object.


In our example we get a bed to place in our ArchiCAD project.


  • Click Download Model to get the selected object.

  • Place the object to the chosen position if the imported item you selected in 3D Warehouse does not contain location information (like in our example, a piece of furniture).


Note: Objects from Google 3D Warehouse can be very detailed and might have large number of polygons. The polygon count of these objects may take your 2D redraw and 3D rendering considerably longer.
This case it is recommended to use the Polygon Counting Tool (can be downloaded from Help/ArchiCAD [version number] Downloads » Goodies) to be able to have full control over your 3D polygon number.

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