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Cadimage blog: Connect yours zones
Zones are the volumes of your rooms so should be treated as a full 3D block. Even with flat roofs the best policy would be to connect yours zones to your roofs, much like you would do for the walls

Cadimage blog: Cleaning up Building Materials in a migrated project
If we simply open a Version 16 or earlier project in Version 17, we are going to be presented with a very messy and haphazard set of Building Materials. In the example below I have opened a version 16 file in ArchiCAD 17 and as you can see, I have a number of duplicated materials with a 9 digit number after them.

Cadimage blog: Using the Attribute Manager in the Migration Process
Quite often migrating a project from one version to another is not as simple as opening the project in the new version and carrying on. There are normally a number of settings which can change from version to version.

Cadimage blog: Legacy Intersection methods
If you are going through the process of migrating and old file to version 17, make sure that you turn off the the Legacy Intersection method methods for model elements option


Cadimage blog: Whats the triangle for?
When migrating a file from one version to another go into the library manager, either through File>Libraries & Objects>Library Manager… or by clicking on the Library Manager button on the Library Loading Report.

Gideon's desk: ArchiCAD 17 INT New Feature - "BIM pen sets" by Material
The assigning of pens to an element for the ArchiCAD INT version has been around for some time. In fact it was introduced in ArchiCAD 10 INT for the very first time. ArchiCAD 10 was released in 2006, so it has been with us for 7 years with very minor changes in its workflow.

Cadimage blog: GDL Basics 5 – Using Global Variables
Often a GDL object may need to know something about the environment into which it is placed. GDL offers a bunch of requests and global variables that can provide this information.

Cadimage blog: Cadimage Point Cloud
Point clouds are produced by a scanner placed on site which measures the distance to structures around it, giving an accurate 3D scan of the building. We’ve produced a little add-on Cadimage point Cloud which reads in an xyz point cloud file and creates a point cloud object within ArchiCAD

Cadimage blog: GDL Basics 4 – A Simple 2D Symbol
You can use GDL objects to store symbols for commonly used 2D symbols and details. This requires next to no scripting (one line) and is really useful if you have a detail that might change slightly from project to project. You can simply add the object into the project’s embedded library, then edit it as required.

Cadimage blog: Element Information palette updated in V17
Previously it would always measure in your model unit (mm normally) which meant reading the area of a site mesh could be very confused in mm3. With V17 it now uses the Dimension settings within your project preferences so your areas & volumes are much more logical & easy

Cadimage blog: The easiest way to check/modify a composite in V17
One of the most useful features in V17 which I find myself constantly using is the new option in the right click menu.

Cadimage blog: Simple mesh creation
In ArchiCAD 17 you now have the ability to create a mesh by importing your surveyors data. All you need to do is make sure that your surveyor supplies your the information in either a .TXT or .XYZ file format.

Cadimage blog: Schedule your Roof Framing
Once you have your roof completed, go to the Project Map and within Schedules>Elements select Roof Construction.

Cadimage blog: Scaleable Zone Stamps Part 2
Now we can look at how to configure the stamp to display the information we want to see. Select your placed Zone, open the Settings tab.

Cadimage blog: Scaleable Zone Stamps Part 1
The Zone tool has the ability to display different information in its stamp depending on the scale of the drawing!

Cadimage blog: How to use the Material Catalog to determine the physical properties of a Building Material
When you create a new building material you can either create a completely New material. Or you can duplicate an existing Building Material as covered in an earlier tip.

Cadimage blog: Like it or not …
There are a large number of objects available for download on the BIM Components Portal. If you don’t believe me, try searching for WC. Over 50 library parts will show up.

EricBobrow: ArchiCAD 17 New Interface
This 25 minute ArchiCAD training explains how the new interface of ArchiCAD 17 differs from previous versions.

Cadimage blog: Modelling roof trusses
There are a number of tools available in ArchiCAD to help you model up elements like roof framing. In this tip we will look at the Truss Maker tool.


Cadimage blog: Creating Tidy detail sheets
In the image below you can see that I have made sure that all of my joinery sections and text lines up, giving the detail sheet a nice tidy look and feel.

Cadimage blog: Assign a number to windows in ArchiCAD 17
Sometimes you will want to have a specific order ID for your doors or windows. We know you can change the ID individually, but if you use the Automatic ID numbering sometimes the numbers are not assigned in the order we would want.

Cadimage blog: How to duplicate a Building Material
To duplicate a Building Material go to Options>Element Attributes>Building Materials. Select the material you want to duplicate first then click New.

Cadimage blog: New Multiple Keynote Label option
The Keynotes palette now includes an Independent Multiple Keynote Label option as well as Independent Single Keynote Label and Element keynote Label, which you had previously.

Cadimage blog: Create a channel drain profile
Start off opening the Complex Profile Manager Design>Complex Profiles>Profile manager… Choose the New option, then in the Profile Editor Draw the shape of your channel drain.

Cadimage blog: How to create a channel drain linetype
First I started by drawing some basic straight lines to show the shape I wanted. Once you have the shape right, select all of the elements and copy them (Either Right click copy or Edit>Copy…) Then go to Options>Elements>Line Type… and choose the New option.

Cadimage blog: Transferring pens from one pen set to the other
We obviously recommend that the best practice is to use the standard pen set as much as possible and do some minor modifications to it and your workflow will be a lot easier. That being said you may have set out pens and want those as well in the ArchiCAD pen set.

Cadimage blog: Add some light to your images
When doing internal renderings, try to remember that sunlight travels in through windows and reflects off surfaces. To emulate this effect simply place in some window lamps.

Cadimage blog: How to quickly morph a Bullnose Verandah
A Bullnose Verandah is one of the more complex elements you may want to model in a house. A possible solution is to draw a normal single plane roof and apply a covering .

Archiblog: How to Create Vault in ArchiCAD
This article interprets the workflow of a historic vault creation.

Cadimage blog: Get your stories straight
We quite often see using stories in place of layer combinations. While this system does work in some respects, It is not an ideal way to work.

Cadimage blog: Do you draw a lot of repetitive details?
Do you find that you are constantly drawing the same details? Why not make a module file of the detail so that you can take some of the repetitiveness out of the job.

BIM Engine blog: Symbol Line Types in ALL Composites
For a while now we’ve been able to add dashed and dotted lines to Composites and Complex Profiles. I’ve exploited that feature with the white dotted line trick to get dissimilar fills to merge.

BIM Engine blog: Continuing IFC Commitment
GRAPHISOFT Announces Updated Plugin for Revit Structure, Revit MEP and Revit Architecture

BIM Engine blog: Cool Connections Clip
Check out this clip from the ArchiCAD YouTube Channel – demonstrating the Priority Based Connections and Intelligent Building Materials found in ArchiCAD 17.


Cadimage blog: Grid Display and the Editing Plane
One of the questions I get asked frequently while training people and on the support desk is how to turn off the Editing Plane and how to change the Grid display.

Cadimage blog: Adding an accurate location
If your project requires Sun Studies for consenting purposes or if you are wanting to do a sun study for evaluation purposes, it makes sense to get the geographical location as correct as possible.

Cadimage blog: Turn off Zone background colour
If you are using Zones for your Room Data, you can turn off the zone colour by going to Document > Set Model View > Model View Options, then within Override Fill Display tick Override Zone Fills and choose to No Fill.


About the "STL Out" Add-On
Would you like to print your ArchiCAD model in 3D? ArchiCAD 17 can directly save and open Stereolitography (.stl) files using a built-in STL Add-On.

Cadimage blog: Opening a second instance of ArchiCAD on a Mac
First we need to have ArchiCAD running, then got to either File > Open… or File > New…

Cadimage blog: Trying to work out roof framing? Try using the wizard
In the example we have a very basic roof plan which we need to setout the roof framing plan on.

Cadimage blog: Finishing off your walls
In order to finish walls off properly, use the Wall End tool, which can be found in the More section of your toolbox.

Eric Bobrow: How to Use ArchiCAD 17's New Building Materials
Learn some of the tricks and important controls that will enable you to get clean and detailed model sections with the new ArchiCAD 17 Building Materials.

Cadimage blog: Create A Wall Framing Plan
As with everything in ArchiCAD, walls have the ability to to have a unique identification label.

Cadimage blog: Setting out your beams
When placing beams the first height you are asked for is the thickness of the beam. This thickness is always measured from the top surface downwards.

Cadimage blog: Partial Structure Display
When using Composite Structures you can set the composite Component Types (Finish, Core or Other) then use Partial Structure Display to turn off portions to more clearly represent your model.


How to list the Wall Surface
This article describes how the wall surface can be listed in schedules if a Solid Element Operation modifies the wall geometry.

BIM Equity Blog: ArchiCAD 17 - Edit Selected Composite
With ArchiCAD 17 are both made big news and very small changes. This trick is one of the last.

ArchiCAD Stuff: First Steps in GDL
If any of you wants to create your own GDL objects but doesn't know where to begin, these books by David Nicholson-Cole will explain the basic concepts in ordinary language and teach you how to make your first objects.

Cadimage blog: What Elements can not have a renovation status
In ArchiCAD there is a few elements that can not have a renovation status and therefore do not get affected by the renovation filters.


Shoegnome: Review of the Better Detail Marker by Master Script
Guest Blogger Willard Williams: The Better Detail Marker for ArchiCAD by Master Script is an awesome little tool to add to your box.

Cadimage blog: Create a Finial with Extrusions
If you need to create a finial for a roof you may use Extrusions.

Cadimage blog: Use 3D Text to “Stamp” A wall
In this example below I am going to use the 3D text object to create a negative stamp into my wall. The stamp is going to represent the address being stamped into the boundary wall.

Cadimage blog: Referencing Consultants drawings
Do you have situations where you might want to reference the same point of a building to both an Architectural detail drawn in ArhiCAD and a consultants drawings authored in another software package?

Cadimage blog: Zones in rooms with internal walls
In this example we place a zone that covers the entire Bathroom area.

Cadimage blog: What is the purpose of your walls?
Most of the time the walls we place are designed to do more than just separate rooms from each other hold windows.

Shoegnome: The Random City Object for ArchiCAD site models
Guest Blogger Endre Ilauszky: The next BIM component has arrived in the “Wish upon an Object from BIMcomponents.com”: the Random City component.


Help Center - The New Knowledge Base for GRAPHISOFT Products
Help Center is GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD-integrated knowledge base that aggregates the wealth of ArchiCAD knowledge available on the internet.

Cadimage blog: Aligning a texture
In some situation you may want to align a material to certain point.

Archiblog: How to Create Designer Shelf in ArchiCAD
Special designer shelf created in ArchiCAD


Replace Attributes by File: Automate Attribute Migration
If you are migrating multiple similar project files to Archicad 17, the Replace Attributes by File function can help you speed up the migration process.

Cadimage blog: Setting up a nudge
A quick way to move elements on the screen is to nudge them. The distance the object/s move is set in the Girds & Backgrounds dialog box.

Shoegnome: ArchiCAD Template Creation
Guest Blogger Arne Heeres: ArchiCAD Template Creation.

Cadimage blog: Making a Zone Legend
How to make a Zone Legend with placing an additional zone with the correct color.

Dedicated Cad: Adjusting Labels
Learn a nice way of adjusting so the node of the label will remain in the appropriate location, but the text will be 'stretched', or 'adjusted' to suit a new alignment position.

Eric Bobrow: Using Morphs for Facade and Trim
See how morphs can be quickly adapted for use as a trimming tool, surface trim and moulded casings around doors and windows.

Cadimage: Where on Earth am I???
When you are using ArchiCAD to create renders for things like sun studies, it is important to ensure that you set the correct location for your project.

Cadimage: Repetitive Printing…Create a publisher set!
Do you have drawings that you are repeatedly issuing I.E. drawings for engineers, Councils etc.? Take some of the hassle out of the process by creating Publisher sets for these people.

ArchiCAD SADC: Quick Door and Window marker creation in Elevation
Those of you who use the automatic dimension markers in plan may have discovered the slight frustration in that the same markers are not available in elevation without manual placement. Would you like to learn a quick and simple way around this?


Shoegnome: Creating 2D symbols for ArchiCAD Objects
Creating 2D Symbols for ArchiCAD Objects

Shoegnome: Simple Solutions: Elevation, Latitude, and Longitude
Simple Solutions: Elevation, Latitude, and Longitude

Cadimage: Finding the area of a slab
How do I find out the area of a slab?

Cadimage: Labelling Doors and Windows in Elevations
Get your doors and windows labeled not only on the Floor Plans, but also on the sections and elevations.

Cadimage: Calculating Cut and Fill volumes
Here is a simple technique for calculating Cut and Fill volumes for sloping sites with the use of Solid Element Operations.

Cadimage: Dimension your building quickly
How much time do you spend dimensioning your floor plans? Did you know that like almost every other drawing process ArchiCAD has the ability to do this for you?

Shoegnome: Modeling tips for Chimneys in ArchiCAD Part 2 Part 3
Learn a few tricks about how to model detailed chimneys with Complex Profiles and the Morph tool.

BIM Engine Blog: Hyperlinks and ArchiCAD Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Did you know that the PDF sets you have been printing for years are WAY more powerful than you ever knew? In fact, after reading this series of posts, you might stop printing physical sets altogether.

Cadimage: Contextualising Presentation Drawings
If you are wanting to brush up your elevations for presenting to your clients there are a few simple tricks you can use to contextualise your drawings.


Shoegnome: The Basics of making a Movie from ArchiCAD
How to make a quick fly-through movie in ArchiCAD. Here’s the video on Cameras and Camera Paths in ArchiCAD.

Cadimage: How to create a Sheet Index
Learn a nice simple way to setup an automatic sheet index based on your subsets of drawings.

BIM Engine Blog: Project Migration and old versions of ArchiCAD
This article gives you useful tips about how to convert files back and forth, how to keep old files compatible with newer and newer ArchiCAD versions.

Cadimage: Why am I getting a library loading report?
Get rid of the Library Loading Report by addressing the problems. This article covers the most typical situations where a library part can go missing/be duplicated.

Shoegnome: Reinforcement plans in ArchiCAD
Are you about to model reinforcements in ArchiCAD? Check this article about a tool, that will surely help you.

Cadimage: Create quick structural grids
Automatically place structural elements along your Grid System using the checkboxes built into the Grid tool.

Cadimage: Recovering a lost Pet Palette
Constantly looking for the Pet Palette? Make it follow your cursor to keep it always close.


AECbytes: Using the Morph Tool to Create Custom Objects in ArchiCAD
The Morph Tool is a powerful early design tool for massing studies and for creating custom objects.

Cadimage: Keeping track of changes
Check out the well hidden Project Notes feature of ArchiCAD if you are looking for a way to track changes.

EricBobrow: ArchiCAD Training
Check out Eric's latest YouTube video, where he shares some best practices. This is a great conceptual overview for any ArchiCAD user.

Cadimage: Renovation Color Schemes
If your not a fan of the default ArchiCAD Renovation color scheme, you can change it suit your own preferences. Go to Options>Element Attributes>Renovation Override Styles…


The ArchiCAD video series: Door and Window Tools
In this movie we demonstrate the major capabilities and key benefits of the Door and Window Tools.

BIM Engine Blog: EcoDesigner STAR – Thermal Bridging Simulation Part 4
We’re hitting the Start Simulation Button! Finally. Doing so gives us two results which we can subsequently place as images on our detail.

Cadimage: Display setting for an overhead slab
If you want to change the way a floor slab above display on your current story all you have to do is activate the custom settings in the Floor Plan Display Options.

EricBobrow: ArchiCAD Tutorial
In this 15 minute video, we look at how to make a 2D symbol more flexible by adding a parameter to control the size of the text and doing some simple editing of the GDL script.

Cadimage: Lock your Grids
If you are one of those people who likes to use Grid Lines, It is usually a good idea to lock them into place.

Cadimage: Energy Evaluation zones
If you have started to use Energy Evaluation in ArchiCAD 16 you will realize the importance of zones. If not, heres how important they are: VERY!

EricBobrow: ArchiCAD Tutorial
In this 16 minute video, we look at how to create a basic 2D symbol as well as a quick way to save a new 3D object.

BIM Equity Blog: Enhancements to ArchiCAD ...
It's great to be able to see exactly how small adjustments affect the light. There is also the possibility to choose to simulate a SLR camera, called "Physical Camera", which opens up entirely new possibilities for adjusting the light's character.

BIM Equity Blog: Expert rendering in Artlantis ...
Artlantis is the BIM programs (and SketchUp's) best friend. It renders your models from Revit, ArchiCAD, VectorWorks and SketchUp, quickly and without having to be an expert.


Cadimage: Zone boundaries with open plan spaces
The best method to place zones is the Inner Edge method. This means the zone ‘connects’ with all its bounding elements

ArchiCAD SADC: Create Custom Truss
It is quite an easy process to create a custom truss in ArchiCAD, it only take lines to create, just follow a few easy steps detailed here.

Cadimage: User defined Guide Line shortcut keys
Start to place your wall, hover over a point (end or intersection etc), hit the single shortcut key, and the Guide Lines will appear as you move your mouse, to make your desired Guide Line stay, simply click on it.

BIM Engine Blog: EcoDesigner STAR – Thermal Bridging Simulation Part 3
There’s now one final step before we can press the Start Simulation button. We need to designate what the fills mean.

BIM Equity Blog: ArchiCAD is also for contractors
CG Jensen is one of Denmark medium-sized construction companies. They use ArchiCAD as part of the design of their projects, which include include preparation of manufacturing drawings on large construction projects.

Shoegnome: The Return of Work Environments: The Basics of setting Work Environments plus importing and exporting them
Here's a video talking about the basics of setting up and saving Work Environments. I also cover how to export and import them.

Cadimage: Defining the site within Energy Evaluation
By default the site will set to be level at sea level with ArchiCAD’s Energy Evaluation. To change this go to Design>Energy Evaluation>Environment Settings.

BIM Engine Blog: EcoDesigner STAR – Thermal Bridging Simulation Part 2
Now that the geometry is ready (discussed here), we can actually launch the Thermal Bridging Simulation. Go to the Design/Energy Evaluation Menu and then select Thermal Bridge Simulation.

BIM Equity Blog: More EcoDesigner Star and on how to draw air ...
The latest bid for advanced energy calculation based on the BIM model is EcoDesigner Star, which Graphisoft launched a public test version of a couple of weeks ago.

Shoegnome: Picking a Subtype for an ArchiCAD Object (and some other important tips)
Along with the Morph Tool there have been some tweaks that mean there’s no excuse to not make lots of objects (and share them).

Cadimage: Wall Covering is Storey Sensitive
In plan view a wall can be set to visible on all relevant stories. For each storey, the wall will display with the doors and windows that belong to that storey.

BIM Engine Blog: EcoDesigner STAR – Thermal Bridging Simulation Part 1
Now we really begin our EcoDesigner STAR adventure. I see three things that we need to tackle with Thermal Bridging Simulation to feel comfortable using it on a real project and adding it to our bag of design and analysis tricks.

EricBobrow: How to Import 3D Objects from IFC and DWG files
n this ArchiCAD tutorial excerpted from the Best Practices Course you'll learn how to import manufacturer components as 3D library parts.

Cadimage: Finishing off walls in 2D
Ever had a situation where a wall has to terminate inside a room? Heres a simple way to make that look a little tidier.

BIM Equity Blog: ArchiCAD Particularly for small architectural firms!
We believe that the best tool for a small studio is ArchiCAD . It is a program developed especially for architects and is therefore flexible in terms of making changes in the project till the very end.

Cadimage: Locking Layers
When in the Layer Settings dialogue box (Ctrl+L PC, or cmd+L for Mac) you can Lock layers off within a layer combination once items have been placed.

Cadimage: Where to place your reference lines?
There are no hard and fast rules about which side of the wall the reference line should be on. However a good rule of thumb to follow is to keep the reference line to the outside of your building for exterior walls.


The ArchiCAD video series: The Column Tool
In these movies we demonstrate the major capabilities and key benefits of the Column Tool.

BIM Equity Blog: Good news for the planet: EcoDesigner STAR
ArchiCAD already has a built-in tool for energy analysis, which is perfect as a guide to sketch based on when designing buildings with integrated solutions for sustainability.

BIM Equity Blog: Artlantis
Artlantis is distinguished by being created for architects. It is an extremely simple user interface, which doesn't seem scary.

Shoegnome: Creating keyboard shortcuts in ArchiCAD, a quick and helpful video
I regularly get questions about keyboard shortcuts. Probably the top two questions are “Is there a keyboard shortcut for Function A?” or “How do I make a keyboard shortcut for Function A?“.

Shoegnome: Tiling Accessory for ArchiCAD
Creating wall and floor tiling plans in ArchiCAD can be a troublesome task. In order to make these tasks easier, you could choose to download and use [eptar]’s wall and floor tiling application for ArchiCAD.



ArchiCAD: Free Form Structure in BIM
The advantages of free form modeling in BIM - Create and edit native BIM elements with custom geometry directly in the BIM environment.


How to Match DWG colors to any ArchiCAD Pen Colors
In ArchiCAD you can use your default or template pen colors, if you match the AutoCAD and ArchiCAD colors following this workflow.


The ArchiCAD video series: Parameter Transfer
This video clip is part of the ArchiCAD Video Series introducing the fundamental concepts, tools and techniques of Graphisoft ArchiCAD. In this movie we demonstrate the major capabilities and key benefits of Parameter Transfer.

Cadimage: Need a bit more workspace – enable full screen
If you have ever felt that the status bar at the bottom of the Window title bar are taking away from precious workspace you can turn them off…


Classics Remodeled in ArchiCAD - The Roman Ionic Column
With the help of ArchiCAD's MORPH Tool we continue the series featuring classical column orders like the Roman Ionic order.

Shoegnome: Cutting a hole in a 2D Morph
Someone had a question about how to cut a hole in a 2D Morph. Well the easiest way to explain that was to do a quick video. So here's the answer.

Shoegnome: Quick and Pretty Renderings From ArchiCAD
Here's a quick video sharing how I create fast renderings in ArchiCAD that combine the best of the Sketch Rendering Engine and the Internal Rendering Engine. Your clients and coworkers will love the final images created. And they take next to no time to make.


Classics Remodeled in ArchiCAD - The Roman Doric Column
With the help of ArchiCAD's MORPH Tool comes the series featuring classical column orders like the Roman Doric order.

ArchiCAD SADC: EcoDesigner: Change the Climate Data to reference one of the climatic zones of South Africa
The first step before changing the climate data is to set the Project Location. This is important considering that choosing one of the climatic zones of South Africa would not help you to locate the project correctly.

ArchiCAD SADC: Angled Parking Bay Object
Does your design require angled parking bays? If so then with a quick search you can find this on BIMcomponents.com. This is so easy to do by searching the cloud-based community database, directly from within ArchiCAD 16.

ArchiCAD SADC: Display dimensions in “mm” & areas in “m2”
A common request I receive is “how do I get my dimensions to show in mm and my areas to show as m2″. The first thing I refer to is the fact that views in the “Navigator -View Map” control the output of dimensions.

ArchiCAD SADC: EcoDesigner: Climatic zones of South Africa & Energy Analysis
A new feature of ArchiCAD 16 Energy Evaluation is the ability to choose the Climatic Data for your project location.

BIM Engine Blog: Surprising Benefits of the Morph Tool
A line that is drawn using the Morph Tool can have all sorts of IFC parameters and everything else you’d need from a proper BIM element.

BIMES: What Makes a Good Estimating Model?
Model according to means and methods of construction, Model according to the output required, What should be modeled? What should NOT be modeled?


The ArchiCAD video series: The Beam Tool
This video clip is part of the ArchiCAD Video Series introducing the fundamental concepts, tools and techniques of Graphisoft ArchiCAD. In this movie we demonstrate the major capabilities and key benefits of the Beam Tool.


Classics modeled in ArchiCAD - The Star Wars Tie Fighter
The Tie Fighter spacecraft is a classical element in George Lucas' film series. With the help of ArchiCAD's MORPH Tool, remodeling this vehicle for Clones brings back some great memories and shows some useful modeling techniques!

BIM Engine Blog: We All Have Blind Spots
In a discussion on the ArchiCAD LinkedIn group, the conversation got around to Element IDs. If you’re working with COBie, then elements need to have unique IDs.

BIM Engine Blog: Simple ArchiCAD videos
Have you noticed the new series of ArchiCAD videos on YouTube? Graphisoft has been quietly posting these short videos on the ultra basic functions of ArchiCAD: e.g. Slab Tool, Wall Tool, Magic Wand, and most recently on Element Information.


The ArchiCAD video series: Element Information
This video clip is part of the ArchiCAD Video Series introducing the fundamental concepts, tools and techniques of Graphisoft ArchiCAD. In this movie we demonstrate the major capabilities and key benefits of Element Information.

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