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Hotfix 3 build 3482 has been recalled

by MartonKiss, updated 2013-02-11 • ArchiCAD16 • RefID: 151191 • Open


ArchiCAD 16 may crash regularly after installing the latest hotfix. (Hotfix 3 build 3482)


Using Guide Lines might result the program to quit unexpectedly. GRAPHISOFT has revoked this Hotfix package, but some users might have installed the package before the issue had been identified.


If you have already installed the Hotfix 3 build 3482:

  • Disabling the guide lines helps to avoid the crash. You can do that by simply pressing the shortcut L or unchecking the View menu's Guide Lines Option

  • If your workflow is Guide Line intense, the best is reverting ArchiCAD to the previous build, to do that:

If you haven't installed Hotfix 3 yet, then wait for the new package that GRAPHISOFT is about to release. The new package is going to address this problem in addition to the optimizations of the Hotfix 3 package.

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