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Troubleshooting / WorkaroundForSavingXlsInEnergyEvaluation

Workaround for saving .xls format in EnergyEvaluation

by EvaPinter, updated 2013-07-22 • ArchiCAD 16 and newer • Mac OS X only • RefID: 160332


EnergyEvaluation reports cannot be exported as spreadsheets (.xls) running Portuguese or Russian ArchiCAD versions. (ArchiCAD 16 build 3827, 3487 or ArchiCAD 17 build 3013).


The national characters in the Add-On folder's name block the save of the .xls spreadsheets.


Follow these steps to workaround the issue:

  1. In your ArchiCAD folder(either ArchiCAD 16 or ArchiCAD 17), create a new folder next to the natively named folder containing add-ons (either Extensões or Расширения ArchiCAD) and practically name it e.g. "Add-Ons".
    • /Applications/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD <version>/

  2. Cut EnergyEvaluation folder from its original folder and paste it into "Add-Ons".

  3. Opening a new ArchiCAD file, a message appears to inform you that an add-on is missing, click OK.
  4. In Options > Add-On Manager, open the lowermost tab "Edit List of Available Add-Ons" and click "Search for more Add-Ons" to add further add-ons to the list. In the pop-up window find EnergyEvaluation folder within your newly created Add-On folder and click OK.

    • 1.png 2.png

  5. In the pop-up dialog choose "Save Changes and Reload Project" to restart AchiCAD.
  6. If the menu of EnergyEvaluation is missing, choose Options > Work Environment > Menus to add EnergyEvaluation to the list, click OK.

    • 3.png 4.png

  7. From now on ArchiCAD runs correctly with EnergyEvaluation add-on, saving .xls format is available.

{i} This issue is planned to be fixed in ArchiCAD 16 Hotfix #5 and ArchiCAD 17 Hotfix #2.

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